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Radha Krishna English song lyrics –“Mann  Mohana”

Love is so emphatic and enthusiasm that you should experience once in a life. It is a passion for being together and lives together. And you have heard the right thing the love lessons should be taken by famous our Lord Krishna and Radha. Radha is known for her unconditional love towards Krishna and she waits for him so many years. Here are the huge collection of Images, Memes, and Wallpapers.

Radhe Krishna Images and Wallpapers

While waiting she was always used to sing a Hindi Bhajan “Mann Mohana”. Here I am providing the English lyrics of the bhajan. It’s not like that normal bhajan, after singing this you will able to feel a pure love and how much a person is in love.

But firstly, I am providing the Hindi lyrics later on you will also read English lyrics. The name of the song is Mann Mohana and it was sung by Bela Shinde and the lyrics were written by Javed Akhtar and music is given By A R Rahman.

Radhe Krishna Lyrics in Hindi

Mann Mohana aaamannmohanaaa
Tum bin paunkaisechaina
Tarsutumhiko din rain….

Aakebasao more nain
Tum bin paunkaise chainKanhaaa
Tarsutumhiko din rain….

Ek pal ujirayaaayeEk pal andhiyarachaye
Mann kyunnaghabraye
Kaisenaghabraye……..Mann jo koi dhara ha
Tum bin kaunsamjhaye
Tum bin kaunsamjhaye

Radha tumhridaasi
Darshan kohaipyaasi
Shaam shalonenandlalakrishnabanwari
Mein to hoon tan man hari
Mein to hoon tan man hari

Jeevan eknadiyahailehronlehronbehtijaye
Ismeinmannkinaiyaadoobekabhi tar jaye
Tum naKhewaiya ho to koi tat kaisepaaye
Tohtumri saran aaye
Haantumri saran aaye

Mein hoontumharihaitumharayeh mere jeevan
Tumko hi dekhonmeinDekhun koi darpan
Bansi ban jaungi in hootonki ho jangui
In sapno se jalthal
Hai meramaananganHain merammmm…..


Now here is the English lyrics of Radha Krishna song.

 “O enchanter of the heart !!
O enchanter of the heart !!
Hear me out Krishna, how shall I find peace without You?
I keep longing for You Day and night!”

Abandoning Your Kashi and Mathura
(Kashi is the old name for famous the holy city Benares/Varanasi, it is in North India sacred to Hindus meanwhile according to the history, Mathura is alsoa city in North India which is famous as its the birthplace of the Hindu Lord Krishna.)
Come and reside in my eyes….
How shall I find peace without You?
Krishna… I keep longing for You Day and night…

In one moment there is light, and in the other there is darkness
How shall the heart not be afraid?
If the heart finds itself at the cross-roads, in which direction should it go?
You are the only one who can make it understand (what to choose)!!

O initiator of Raas, the resident of Gokul in Vrindavan (a town in North India)
Radha, Your maid, is yearning for a glimpse of You
O beautiful, dusky-complexioned, son of Nanda! O forest dweller! Krishna
You beauty is exquisite
I have surrendered(lost), my heart and my soul to You

O enchanter of the heart
Hear me out Krishna, how shall I find peace without You?

Life is like a river, it keeps on flowing like the waves
In this there is a boat of the heart, sometimes it floats, sometimes it drowns
If You are not the boatman, then how shall this boat reach the shore?
If the paddle (oar/rudder) becomes perplexed, it comes to Your refuge

I am Yours, my life is Yours
I look only at You, it seems as if I am looking at a mirror
I shall become the flute, and I will then belong to Your lips
My courtyard is full of such dreams
It’s mine

Personally, I will say this is most famous English Lyrics of Radha Krishna songs.